Gabrielle Szynkarsky 2016/05/02

  • Wall deadlift warm up: butler stance, touch butt against wall, stretch hamstring 2×10
  • Straight leg deadlift 2×10 (25lbs)
  • Bent leg deadlift 2×10 (36lbs)
  • Seated leg extension 1×10 cycles L, R, Both (the arm thing)
  • Seated leg extension with 1/4 leg circle position, lift up bent leg: KARATE kick 1×10 on each side
  • Seated leg swing over 5x on each side (over foam roller)
  • Seated leg hurdles 2×10 (alternating sides) (splits)
  • Balance on 1 leg eyes closed, trace out alphabet on cushion
  • Scooter step 1×10 on each side adding the elastic and leg curl (bicycle) 
  • Leg circle 1×10 on each side (leg kick up)
  • Leg adduction 2×10 + alphabet on each side with ankle weight (3lbs)

youtube channel: Koom Studio