Jessica Lazar 2106/04/11

Bike 5min

  • Narrow squat walk 1×10 forward, backward
  • Toe reach walk 1×10 forward, backward
  • Side lunges 1×10 each side
  • Alternating (walking) lunge and twist 2×20 (stretch hands out)
  • Lunge and side bend (alternating) 2×20 (reach up with hands together, then bend to side)
  • Back extension with leg bending: 3 cycles of L, R, both legs bending
  • Arm bridge sequence 1×10 (sphinx, plank, child pose, stretch arms up, reverse)
  • Bulgarian split squat 3×10
  • Walking alternating lunges 3×10 (10lbs each arm) (single steps)
  • Super set
    • Push ups on squat rack (hands on bar) 3×10 on each leg (hands closer, elbows go back, tight to body)
    • Seated rows 3×10
  • Super set
    • Goblet squats 3×10 (stand facing the wall, the closer the better)
    • Standing DB press 3×10 (10lbs)
  • Super set
    • Hip bridges 3×10 (up with both legs, bring one to chest, down on one leg)
    • Seated leg stretch with 1/4 circle 3×20
  • Leg stretch sequence sequence 1×20 (L, R) (on back, bring knee to chest, and lift head and shoulders, and extend the heel to the ceiling)
  • Side lying planks 1×10 on left, 1×10 on right
  • Butterfly stretch 1×10 3 speeds

Notes: seated leg stretch = pinch in R of back, able to touch toes pain free nowJe