Ryan Pekeles 2016/01/15

Bike 5min

  • narrow squat walk
  • toe reach walk
  • kicking walk
  • foot catch walk
  • hanging side to side deep lunges 1×20 alternating
  • stick lunge stance and rotation: 3×10 with left leg forward and rotation to the left, 1×10 to the right
  • stick lunge stance and side bend with hands overhead: 3×10 with left leg forward and side bend to the left, 1×10 to the right
  • back extension to child pose 1×10
  • super set 4x (1min break max)
    • straight leg dead lift, all the way down (warm up set 35lbs) x10
    • Ball pass push ups x10
    • ball plank (hands on ball) knee tucks x5 cycles (middle, in across, out)
  • superset 3x
    • Pull ups (like chin ups, but palms face away) x5
    • Standing on bench, 1 foot on bench, other foot on ball, 1 leg squat while extended other leg to the side x10 on each leg (25lbs weight in hands)
    • Ball leg curl x21 (3 speeds: 7 slow, 7 medium, 7 fast)
  • Bent over row 4×8 (40lbs on each side, 125lbs total)
  • Super set 3x
    • Wrist flexion curls ×8 (we had the bar with 5lbs on each side) (45lbs bar)
    • Wrist extension ×8 (25lbs bar)
    • farmer walks x2min (45lbs DB)
  • Hamstring stretch with rope 2x1min
  • Hip flexion on your back, one leg bent, lift other leg straight up and down 2×10
  • Super set 3x
    • Pull over (on your back, bring weight back to the floor over your head) x10
    • Leg raises ×10
  • Bicycle twist 2×50
    Push Up position: reach back with one arm 1×20
    Push Up position: lift opposite arm and leg 1×20
    Z stretch 1x1min
    Alternating Z stretch 1×20
    Z stretch get ups 1×5