Ryan Pekeles 2016/05/11

Bike 5min

  • toe reach walk
  • Narrow squat and kicking walk
  • foot catch walk
  • hanging side to side deep lunges 1×20 alternating
  • stick lunge step and rotation: 1×20 alternating
  • stick lunge step and side bend with hands overhead: 1×20 alternating
  • back extension (arms fully stretched, keeping hips to ground) to child pose 1×10
  • Wall arm slides (standing and sitting) x10 each

  • DAY 1
  • Box Jump from seated position (can go higher now): 2×10 forward
  • Gorilla crawl 1×20
  • Sideways monkey crawl 1×10 on each side 
  • Straight leg dead lift, all the way down (warm up set 45lbs x10) 5×5 (last weight used was 115lbs)
  • Super set 3x
    • Barbell overhead lunges x10 (weight in hands) (50lbs)
    • pull or chin ups x10
  • Super set 3x
    • Ball leg curls x10 (single leg.. one leg up)
    • barbell biceps curl x10 (50lbs)
    • dumbbell hammer curl with reverse curl down x10 (20lbs)
  • Shrugs 3×12 (straight behind the head)

  • DAY 2 (Push day)
  • Inch worm Push ups 1×7 forward, 1×7 back
  • Barbell back squats 1×10 (warm up 25lbs) 3×10 (70lbs)
  • DB chest press 3×10 (40lbs)
  • Barbell standing shoulder press (45lbs, 55lbs, 65lbs)
  • Super set x3
    • Shoulder lateral raises 3×10 (10lbs) flying
    • Hammer triceps extension x10 (12lbs) keep elbow pointed to ceiling


  • Balance on ball both knees 3x1min (twisting /leaning /eyes closed)
  • Super set 3x (arms stretch back holding on to a weight)
    • Single leg raises x20 (start with legs up to ceiling, keep one leg up, and bring other one straight down, then bring it back.  Alternate which leg you bring down)
    • Leg raises ×20
    • Single leg raises x20
  • Rolling sit ups to squat 2×10 coming down on 1 leg
    Z stretch 1x1mim
    Z stretch get ups 1×5