Shawn Wassermuhl 2016/03/08

  • Walking toe reach stretch 1×10 on each leg
  • Walking kicks 1×20 alternating legs (remember to do 3 steps in between) (and add a twist)
  • Narrow squat walk 1×10
  • Side lunges 1×10 on each side
  • Lunges 3×5 on each side (pay attention to alignment when looking at it from the front and the side)
  • Calf raises 2×10
  • Bench Seated leg stretch with arm raise overhead 1×20 alternating leg
  • Bench Seated leg stretch with 1/4 circle out 1×10 on each side
  • Bench double leg stretch 1x1o on each side
  • Scooter step 1×10 on each side
  • Knees to chest and leg stretch sequence (L, R, both) 5x cycle
  • Leg adduction (on side lift bottom leg up) 2×10 + alphabet on each side

Upper body

  • Shoulder retraction 1×10 (5sec hold)
  • Superman 1×10 (3sec hold)
  • Shoulder external rotation 2×10 on each side

for videos, check out ‘Koom Studio’ youtube channel.