Healthy Home – The Bedroom


EMF: Electomagnetic Fields

EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are everywhere around us.  They are the result of charged particles, negative and positive, that keep balance with one another.  We ourselves have our own EMFs, and these can be disrupted by external sources such as alarm clocks, lamps and cell phones.  Recent studies have found that EMFs may not only be to blame for some cancers, but that they may also hinder proper sleep.  It is not only the strength of the signal emitted, but also its proximity that is important to consider.  Therefore, you should remove all electronics from your nightstand, since these EMFs producing gadgets would be a foot away from your head throughout the whole night. 

For those who tell me they use their cell phones as an alarm, just plug it at the other end of the room, and get up in the morning to turn it off.  Isn’t it the whole goal anyway?  To get out of bed, not snooze it 10 times.  Also why is there a television or computer in the bedroom?  It is supposed to be a restful area.  Remove all distractions.  You should only be doing two things in a bedroom: sleep and the other thing.