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Want to eat healthy, but time is an issue?  Here’s a powerful strategy to help you achieve your health goals.


I often sense, or simply hear, from clients that eating healthy is really difficult.  Time is always an issue.


“I’m really busy”

“I have no time”

“I have so many things to do”


So what happens?  We fall prey to the easy road.  Stopping for take out, ordering in, eating out, or simply warming some sort of processed meal become the common solution.  The problem here is the lack of quality nutrients that are ingested this way, or worse, the damage that these meals can cause in the long term.


It is true that preparing each meal throughout the day can be time consuming.  From cleaning and cutting the ingredients, to cooking the meal, its easy to understand that the task can seem daunting.


Have you ever stopped and wondered how these restaurant fast food chains can prepare and serve so many customer over lunch?  Is it because their staff are super master chefs?  Celebrity Iron Chefs able to cook up super meals in an hour?  NO.


The secret lies in the ‘prep’.  Having owned a restaurant, I’ve had first hand experience with this.  I took for granted the basic skills taught to me by my dad, he is a ‘super master chef’ after all!! (If only I had listened to him more, instead of beating Mortal Kombat for the 100th time)  And the greatest secret to success in this field is preparation.


Look at your favorite fast food restaurant, and you’ll notice that all their ingredients are ready to go.  That alone cuts down the time needed to cook your meal by at least 75% I’d venture to say.  How long does it take to stir fry some rice, vegetables, and meat?  5, 10min tops.  It takes you way more time to get to the restaurant, wait in line, order, and wait one your meal.


So how should you go about it?  I’ll share with you a sample of one of my cooking evenings.  This took me just over an hour, will feed me for the week, and I know exactly what was put into my meals.



8:20 I begin