Nutrition, Diet, and “Superfoods” – 5 Strict Rules


Nutrition, Diet, and “Superfoods” – 5 Strict Rules

I’ve decided to share with you a very effective, albeit very strict, diet plan.  It has yielded great results with many clients, from the sedentary office workers, to the competing athletes.  The major flaw in this approach is the sacrifices that must be made to succeed with this plan, but succeed you will!  

Here are the 5 rules: 

  1. No bread/pasta/potato/rice, none.  
  2. No sugar.  That means no soft drinks, juices (they belong in the same category as soft drinks), no dessert.  Not even no fruits.  
  3. No dairy products
  4. Loads of water.  Water should be your only beverage.  Coffee and tea should be limited to only 2 cups a day (will help with your sleep), and I recommend drinking two cups of water along with your caffeinated drink to curb their side effects.
  5. Once a week, cheat day! Anything you want, any cravings, go for it.  Remember to carry a note pad and note down your cravings for your cheat day.  Go crazy on that day.

I have to admit, its not easy to stick to it, but the results are there.  You should never be hungry, if you are you’re not eating enough.  Also, keep it simple, choose one to two types of meat and six to eight types of vegetables, and stick to those.  The simpler the plan, the easier to succeed.  For variety, cook with herbs and spices.

Don’t worry, I don’t advocate staying on this diet plan forever, its too boring!  Once results are achieved, then we move onto the next phase: making healthier choices in our foods, and seek out “superfoods” which will enable us to get the most out of our body.