Nutrition, Diet, and Superfoods – Basic Strategy


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Nutrition, Diet, and “Superfoods” – Basic Strategy

As you know, this is a huge topic, and a source of many debates.  There are so many beliefs and philosophies when it comes to nutrition and diet, that its easy to get lost in the shuffle.  I even expect to contradict myself at some point in the future, and if you notice that, be quick to let me know, and we’ll try to use logic and science to determine what really works.  Because in the end, its not about “believing” that a certain food does something, its about knowing how and what it really does in our body.  

So today I’ll start out slow, and just share with you a basic strategy when comes to eating.  I have three levels of diet plans that I advise to clients: basic plating strategy, choice of foods, and very strict.  

Basic Plating Strategy: This one is for clients who don’t really want to bother with making the right choices, or admittedly will not make very big concessions when it comes to their dietary lifestyle.  Its quite simple, when sitting in front of your plate, just break it up in 3 sections: 1 half and 2 quarters.  The half portion is reserved for your veggies.  One quarter is for your proteins and meats.  The other quarter is for carbs.  I don’t care what veggies (except for potatoes, they go in the carbs portion), proteins, or carbs you put on that plate, just respect the breakdown.  I also don’t mind how big the plate is, so if you want to eat a 16oz steak, knock yourself out.  But be ready to eat double the amount of vegetables to go along with that.  Good luck.  This one is easy, freedom to eat what pleases you, but its the foundation for future, more effective food choices.

Next week, I’ll let you in on the other two plan levels, choice of food and very strict.  So for now, start with this, don’t stress too much about your food, and eat to your heart’s content.  Bon appétit!!