Sleep Diet


How many of you have ever capped off an intense night of partying with a solid meal?  It might of been a burger, shish taouk, pizza, or even a full out meal in Chinatown!  Of course its to “soak up” all the good stuff you’ve ingested just earlier… You know deep down its not good for you.

For those ready to really take care of themselves, here are three things you should do to continue on your path to experience true regenerative sleep:

  1. Eat at least three hours before sleep: your digestive system is a huge part of your internal system, and if its busy digesting the food you’ve just eaten before sleep, it takes away much energy which should be focused on your body’s repair
  2. Limit your caffeine intake: try to limit your consumption of caffeinated products to 200 mg a day, about two cups.  Caffeine makes it harder to fall asleep, and reduces its quality.
  3. Don’t drink alcohol an 1 hour and a half before bedtime: alcohol has been shown to affect sleep quality.

For those wanting to lose weight, the 3 hour rule is one you should definitely follow.  So eat up early, and let your body focus on sleep when its time.