The Bedroom — Sluggish in the morning? Improve your breathing!


Sluggish in the morning?  Improve your breathing!

Do you always wake up groggy?  Are headaches, congestion, and allergies constantly plaguing you?  Then air quality may be to blame.

Air quality is critically important, considering most of us spend the greater portion of our days indoor.  This is even more true for the bedroom, since we spend on average 6-8 hours a night in that room.  There are many contaminants that pollute our air supply, from the perfumes to the detergents we use, and all of them have dire side effects on our health.  So here are 3 simple solutions to improve our situation:

  1. Remove the sources of pollution: take away any scented products out of your bedroom.
  2. Open your windows: this will dilute the air in your room.  Its like comparing the concentration of a teaspoon of poison in a cup of water, versus that of the same teaspoon in the ocean.  You might be surprised to know that the air quality of a busy street intersection during rush hour is better than your home’s.
  3. Filter your air: purchasing a good filter could go a long way to remove particles that contaminate your air supply.

So when you get home tonight, open your windows, clean your room (don’t use scented products!), and take a deep breath in.