Therapy – Neck Pain and Headaches


A large majority of office workers experience neck pain or headaches while working at their desk.  If you’ve ever experienced this, know that there are simple exercise solutions available to you.  Headaches that are felt in the back and on the side of the head can greatly be improved through exercise and work habits.  The neck muscles that connect to the skull often become irritated through repetitive movement and the positioning of the head.

Neck retraction exercise: make sure you keep your head and upper back against the wall, and tuck in your chin (or try to flatten the back of you neck against the wall).  The wall is not necessary, but helps to understand proper technique in the beginning.  Eventually you can do it anywhere: driving, waiting in line, talking…

Neck retractions help stretch the posterior muscles, while strengthening the anterior ones.  This improves the alignment on the neck and head.  This is a simple exercise that mimics the traction techniques applied in clinic by therapists.  I recommend you do 10 repetitions at a time, and as often as you can throughout the day.  The key here is frequency: the more you practice it, the better the results.  Next week, more upper back and neck pain relief!