Training – Cardio: Short Interval Training


If you practice sports where near maximal efforts are required for 30 to 90secs, then Short Interval Training is what you need.  Remember that this is for trained individuals, so take the time to build up your cardiovascular endurance first, along with your body’s musculature.  Short Interval Training aims to increase your VO2max capacity, through interval bouts performed at an intensity of about 95-105% of your VO2max, or 98%-104% of your MHR, maximum heart rate.  As you can see, you’ll be pushing yourself in the red zone, so proper preparation is necessary.

Again, proper warm up and cool down is in order.  You should perform 2-3 series of exercise, with 4-6 repetitions per series.  Each repetition should be sustained for 30-90sec.  Rest is very important here, so take a break thats 1-2 times your work load in between each repetition (i.e.: if your repetition lasts 30sec, take 30-60sec rest).  Your perceived effort level for this type of training should be in the 6-7 range.  The high level of demands this training method places on your body requires you to allow for 36-48hrs of recovery time.

Next week, Super Short Interval Training.