Office work causing tension? Try Wall Arm Slides


Office work tenses up the neck and upper back.  The following exercise does wonders to release this tension:

Wall Arm Slides: put your back flat and your arms up against the wall.  Slide your arms up and down, and do your best not to allow your elbows and hands to come off the wall.   (Stop your movement short if either comes off, and do your best to improve each time.)

Wall arm slides is a “catchall” exercise, it releases the lats, upper back and chest musculature, and improves thoracic spine mobility and alignment.  Like the neck retractions, do 10 repetitions as often as you can throughout the day.  Progressions exist for this exercise: either to build up to it, or to improve on it once it gets easy.

Next week, strengthening exercises for the upper back.