What's in stock in the future?

I would like to thank all of you who have read and commented on my trip’s blog/Facebook posts.  I enjoyed the experience, and got a renewed taste for writing.  For a long time I’ve entertained the idea of having a blog and website on the topics of health, nutrition, fitness, and therapy.  Now I feel is a good time to get started.


What prompted me to do this?  First, a website is now an obvious necessity for any business.  As many of you may or may not know, I’ve opened a clinic/training studio in the industrial park in Ville St-Laurent.  Second, I often find myself answering questions to friends and strangers alike, through Facebook or by phone, about various health related topics.  I believe that I can help many people understand and better parts of their lives with practical and logical knowledge.


With that goal in mind, I’ve started my own website, Koom.ca, and a new Facebook page, Koom.  Both of these are in their early development stages, and will grow over time as I familiarize myself with them.  As well feel free to provide topic ideas, strategies to improve the blogs/sites/Facebook page, or make any suggestions you see fit to make this successful.  Don’t be shy to challenge some notions I’ll put forth, I still have much to learn, and truly believe that an open and logical mind will uncover the most effective truths and methods for living a healthy, high performing lifestyle.


So for now, this is what I had in mind:


Monday: Healthy Home — simple strategies to improve life at home

Tuesday: Nutrition — universal principles, diet strategies, super foods

Wednesday: Performance — exercise techniques, program ideas, effective systems

Thursday: Therapy — injury prevention and rehabilitation, knowledge

Friday: Q/A– although I’ll be doing that all week, I thought answering interesting questions that come up often would benefit everyone

Saturday: Cheat day!! — not sure yet about this one, but it’s all about a healthy spirit!!


I’m looking to have collaborators in the future, so don’t hesitate to let your most knowledgeable friends know about this.


Check out the page, website, and spread the word.