Why Osteopathy

Why did I choose Osteopathy as a profession? This question is best answered with a little history of my professional entrepreneurial path.  I developed an interest for training and therapy while attending John Abbott College.  During my time in the natural science program, I quickly discovered an affinity and interest in biology and anatomy. This […]


What is Osteopathy? Manual osteopathy is a holistic treatment approach which uses manual palpation and mobilization of body structures.  When combined with therapeutic exercises, biomechanics, orthopaedic and neurological assessment, it can prove to be a very effective treatment solution for many chronic and acute conditions. One of the basic premises of manual osteopathy is based on […]

Live Healthy

Koom Blog   2012/11/25   Want to eat healthy, but time is an issue?  Here’s a powerful strategy to help you achieve your health goals.   I often sense, or simply hear, from clients that eating healthy is really difficult.  Time is always an issue.   “I’m really busy” “I have no time” “I have […]

Preserve your youth!

Want to preserve your youthful look?  Start by avoiding the preservatives found in your beauty and skin care products Parabens are one of the most commonly used preservatives in beauty and skin care products.  Scientists in labs have found them to be toxins that act as hormone disruptors.  They are suspected to be carcinogenic. Government […]

Training – Cardio: Short Interval Training

2012/09/13 If you practice sports where near maximal efforts are required for 30 to 90secs, then Short Interval Training is what you need.  Remember that this is for trained individuals, so take the time to build up your cardiovascular endurance first, along with your body’s musculature.  Short Interval Training aims to increase your VO2max capacity, […]

Upper Back and Neck Pain: Shoulder Retraction

2012/09/12 When stretching your muscles is not enough, its time to strengthen them.  This exercise improves posture and prevents the pain from everyday activities: Shoulder Retraction: lying face down, bring your shoulder blades together (imagine squeezing a pen in the middle of your back).  Lift your hands slightly off the ground, and turn your hands […]

The Bedroom — Sluggish in the morning? Improve your breathing!

2012/09/10 Sluggish in the morning?  Improve your breathing! Do you always wake up groggy?  Are headaches, congestion, and allergies constantly plaguing you?  Then air quality may be to blame. Air quality is critically important, considering most of us spend the greater portion of our days indoor.  This is even more true for the bedroom, since […]

Training – Cardio: Medium Interval Training

2012/09/06 If your cardiovascular endurance is already high, but you wish to improve your performance levels, then its time to challenge yourself with serious interval training.  Medium Interval Training aims to increase your VO2max capacity, through interval bouts.  It should be performed at an intensity of about 90-95% of your VO2max, or 95%-98% of your […]

Office work causing tension? Try Wall Arm Slides

2012/09/05 Office work tenses up the neck and upper back.  The following exercise does wonders to release this tension: Wall Arm Slides: put your back flat and your arms up against the wall.  Slide your arms up and down, and do your best not to allow your elbows and hands to come off the wall. […]

5 Rules for the Glycemic Index of Foods

2012/09/04 Do you ever find yourself wondering if what you’re eating is good for you?  Here are 5 rules that you can use to quickly assess the glycemic index of a certain food.  These are not absolutes, but can serve you well if you don’t have access to a chart/table (easily found online): Whole Foods: […]