Sleep Diet

2012/09/03 How many of you have ever capped off an intense night of partying with a solid meal?  It might of been a burger, shish taouk, pizza, or even a full out meal in Chinatown!  Of course its to “soak up” all the good stuff you’ve ingested just earlier… You know deep down its not […]

Training – Cardio: Long Interval Training

2012/08/30 If your goal is to build up aerobic endurance, but dislike long cardio sessions, then Long Interval Training might be for you.  This method aims to develop aerobic endurance through relatively short exercise intervals, while challenging your VO2max capacity.  It should be performed at an intensity of about 80-90% of your VO2max, or 88%-95% […]

Therapy – Neck Pain and Headaches

2012/08/29 A large majority of office workers experience neck pain or headaches while working at their desk.  If you’ve ever experienced this, know that there are simple exercise solutions available to you.  Headaches that are felt in the back and on the side of the head can greatly be improved through exercise and work habits.  […]

Nutrition, Diet, and Superfoods – Glycemic Index

2012/08/28 Let’s go over the basics of the glycemic index.  Its a valuable tool to use when assessing the effects that certain foods have on our body.  Simply put, the glycemic index is a numerical representation of how quickly carbohydrate foods are broken down into glucose and enter our blood stream.  This is important because […]

Healthy Home – The Bedroom

2012/08/27 EMF: Electomagnetic Fields EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are everywhere around us.  They are the result of charged particles, negative and positive, that keep balance with one another.  We ourselves have our own EMFs, and these can be disrupted by external sources such as alarm clocks, lamps and cell phones.  Recent studies have found that EMFs […]

Training – Cardio: Rapid Continuous Endurance

2012/08/23 Continuing on the topic of our cardiovascular system, lets look at Rapid Continuous Endurance training.  This method aims to develop aerobic endurance.  It should be performed at an intensity of about 70-80% of your VO2max, or 82%-88% of your MHR, maximum heart rate.  I encourage you to do some quick online research, as there […]

Therapy – Heat or Ice?

2012/08/22 Now that we have shed some light on when to use heat or ice treatment, where heat is great for general muscle relaxation, and ice for any acute injury and/or swelling, I want to go over the safest methods of application. For ice, there are three common methods: Take an ice cube and rub […]

Nutrition, Diet, and “Superfoods” – 5 Strict Rules

2012/08/14 Nutrition, Diet, and “Superfoods” – 5 Strict Rules I’ve decided to share with you a very effective, albeit very strict, diet plan.  It has yielded great results with many clients, from the sedentary office workers, to the competing athletes.  The major flaw in this approach is the sacrifices that must be made to succeed […]

Healthy Home – The Bedroom – Sleep: Light and Melatonin

2012/08/20 The Bedroom – Sleep: Light and Melatonin Today I’ll expand on the topic of sleep, and share with you the role of light and melatonin in its quality.  Melatonin is nicknamed the “hormone of darkness” and is produced by the pineal gland.  It regulates our sleep-wake cycle and helps the body go into sleep […]

Training – Cardio: Slow Continuous Endurance

2012/08/16 Today I’ll start off on the topic of cardiovascular training.  There are many methods of training our cardiovascular system, and all have a time a place.  Factors in determining which is best suited for you depends on your current disposition, needs, and future goals.   Slow Continuous Endurance training aims at expending energy, if […]